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 How do honeybees tell hive mates where the flowers are for nectar gathering?

A.  Honeybees use the Waggle Dance, a form of bee body language, to communicate the distance and direction of the flower fields. (It’s pretty amazing!)

Honey Harvest Farm produces and provides all-natural gourmet honey, raw Wildflower honey, honey straws, honey gifts and shower favors. Our pure natural honey is made by honeybee pollination of alfalfa, clover, black locust, blueberry, buckwheat, meadowfoam, orange blossom, and wildflower blossoms. No Flavoring is added! Hand-dipped tapers and hand poured molded candles have clean mild fragrance of 100% natural beeswax. Honey candy has delicious fruit flavored shell with a liquid honey center.  Beeswax based natural lip balm and skin scents are skin nourishing and hand-made in small batches. Crafters will enjoy our clean, natural beeswax by the ounce or pound.

Want more…Click here for a detailed explanation provided by the PBS program NOVA.

BLACK is BACK!  One of our Most Delicious Varieties, Black Locust Honey is Back and Better than Ever, be sure to add some to your basket today...Check it out! 

Recommended Products

12 lb Gallon of Honey Clover
An entire Gallon of Yummy Honey, that is twelve pounds of honey!
32 oz Squeeze bottle Meadowfoam
TWO pounds of delicious honey in our easy-pour squeeze bottle
4Pk. Minibear Gift Bag
Assorted Varieties of four 2oz minibears. Perfect Samples and Gifts!
One pound Candy
Hot Deal
All-Natural Honey Candy: Delicious hard candy, with a fruit flavored shell...